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Dammit! It just occurred to me that Deputy Parish aka Jordan-frickin-Parish is some kind of supernatural something because he is on the deadpool list. Fuck!!!

What are you, Parish?
If you die, I’ll flip my shit!
You’ve been there since day one (season one) and you’ve never left Sheriff Stilinski’s side. I love you and your handsome ass so don’t go dying!!

And damn. I cannot believe he’s kept some sort of secret for this long. I’m gonna go to sleep now.

Jeez, Parish…

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One of my Problems consists of this:

*looks at a couple of my guy friends*
okay I like you, but I don't wanna fuck you
*looks the next day*
why do you look so fuckable? We're besties yea but you have a GF. Fuck her
-next day-
*watches porn*
*watches gay porn*
*reads yaoi manga*
*listens to BL CD*
*reads very sexual fanfiction*
*thinks about sex 24/7*
*is reminded that I am so LONELY*
I need someone hot and caring in my life. Someone who can love me for me but also get wild and fuck me into the mattress or possibly any other surface in the area.

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